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What is a flower wall? An Flower Wall explanation

Flower walls are a great way to spruce up any photo at your next event. If you have been living underneath a rock and haven't been to any events lately, a flower wall is a backdrop made usually of silk, real or artificial flowers in order to make a photo look more professional or elegant. There are different types of flower walls, some examples are:

Artificial Plastic Flower Walls

These are the one of the most common type of flower walls which are made of realistic plastic. These are easy to maintain as plastic can easily be cleaned and are the cheapest to hire

Silk Flower Wall

These are high in demand with today's market. Nothing embodies elegance with the same spirit as a wall full of beautiful silk flowers. These are soft to the touch, an look good as they give a luxurious shimmer in light. 

Real Flower Wall

These are the most costly of all the flower walls due to the fact that you are using real flowers. Each flower needs to be hand picked and stitched into the wall and needs to be done 1 to 2 days prior to the event to make sure the flowers stay fresh. As the flowers are exposed, they need to be regularly watered and maintained. 

Grass Wall

These are a great alternative to a flower wall as they make any photo pop. They are mostly used when in corporate or birthday events or event themed type events like the popular "enchanted forest" theme. Adds a great "outdoor" setting for internal events. 

Whichever type of flower wall you choose, it add that special something for your photos. If you have a special occasion, and want to make the most of your photos, give a flower wall a try!