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Photo booth at your wedding

A photo booth is a great way to break the ice at a wedding. You have a reunion of familiar and not so familiar extended family members that it may be difficult to have a opportunity of say hello. Adding a photo booth can take the pressure of by adding a fun & exciting way to allow people to share their memories together. Below are some reasons why having a booth at your wedding is a good idea.

Fun & Exciting

A photo booth at your wedding is an excellent way to bring people together to have some fun. Yes, you can take photos on your photo but there is something special about getting into a photo booth with props and printing out a physical photo. People get to dress up, act silly, and take some really awesome shots. 

Take their memories with them

In this digital world we have forgotten what it’s to have a print out of a photo that you can feel and touch. There was once a time where you had to get your photos developed at a store before being able to see your photos. People are able to take the photos with them and show their loved ones, friends and family. 

Easy to use

It’s not rocket science using a photo booth. All you need to do is step inside and press a button and it prints your photo. It’s a simple & fun service that you can add to your wedding without needing to over complicate your already stressful wedding. 


When going to a wedding your always looking your best. So why not make sure you capture those moments by having a photo booth on your special day. There’s no better opportunity than a wedding to take professional photos. 

Breaking the ice

Depending on where you are seating, you can sometimes get into some awkward situations. Whether it's a family member that you have don’t want to call, or it’s a long lost uncle that you have forgotten to wish a happy birthday, these situations can be swept under the rug by focusing on something else like a photo booth. It allows people to get lost in the moment and have some fun. 

Social butterflies

Having a photobooth at your wedding not only help breaks the ice but it gives you the opportunity to talk to people that you don't often get to speak to. At a wedding, your often confronted with extended family members that either you have never talk to before or even seen before. Photo booths are a great way to cater for that. 

Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way to bring people together and make your special day that little bit extra special. We specialise in all types of weddings, give us a call now!